This week's Colorado Sports Guys had it ALL.

Nate Timmons and I return to the CSG studios this week to talk all things sports. First, after an awkward HR meeting with Ross Martin and our intern Renee we begin our triumphant return to the podcast with a thunderous roar! Or maybe not.

We start off with Ross’ headlines segment, wherein we discus many subjects, including the Nuggets recent acquisition of Nate Robinson. We have a vigorous debate (kinda) about his potential within the Nuggets offense and then talk about where that leaves Andre Miller in the Nuggets plans. We follow that up with a lengthy discussion about the Broncos Von Miller and his “issues” which leads the three of us to conclude, it’s not going to make much of a difference anyway.

On to my "Things Jeff Believes to be True" segment where I go off about Dick Monfort and his defeatist attitude. It's not about how much money you spend, but about showing the fans that you are "all in". Far too often the Rockies have left fans wondering if that's all they can do.

We wrap up by talking about my article on Nuggets history and reminiscing about Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, Brian Williams (Bison Dele) and Rodney Rogers.

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