Shawn Drotar from 104.3 The Fan and Cover 32 joined the Colorado Sports Guys this week go over a myriad of subjects. As if there was nothing to talk about this week right??

We start off with indroductions and Drotar talks a little bit about himself. Some Colorado-centric reminiscing goes on and we also discuss Drotar's time with EA Sports advising for "Game Accuracy" which we could have spent the entire podcast on.

We then to in to Ross Martin’s headlines. We cover Ty Lawson’s charge of physical harassment and Ross draws an interesting conclusion as to what the ultimate result would be for the Denver Nuggets. We then cover PED’s and their affect on fans and we round it up with Ross reading a headline from “he who shall not be named on Stiffs”.

I take over with my segment and talk about being inundated with Emails from English Football fans who are upset at Nuggets … ummm … sort of owner Stan Kroenke and his stewardship of the English Premiere League club Arsenal. While I sympathize with their plight I cannot do much about their complaints.

We end up with talk about Von Miller. Guy needs to get his crap together, and Ross Martin comes up with a good nickname for him during this segment. We also talk about the difference between NBA and NFL economics.

Overall a great show. Hope you enjoy and as always click the Amazon banner at the top of the page to do all of your shopping.

Shawn Drotar's twitter is @sdrotar

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