WE ARE BACK!! After a one week hiatus from Denver Stiffs, the Colorado Sports Guys have returned and are raring to go!

First off we would like to welcome a brand new sponsor to the podcast. A place where you can get tremendous food (seriously, Nate, Andy and I ate there a couple weeks ago … fantastic stuff) and get fantastic service. I am referring, of course to the Denver ChopHouse & Brewery. We look forward to a fantastic relationship with one of the best restaurants in Denver. Be sure and visit them and try out their fantastic menu.

As for the podcast, alot of zany slapstick happens as we manage to overcome some technical errors to talk about several subjects. We start off talking about the Broncos, then we move on to the subjects of tanking and the upcoming draft. We debate the veracity of tanking and the randomness of success when juxtaposed with Nuggets history (seriously, that’s the best description I could come up with). We also discuss the recent revelation that Andre Iguodala may have been double dealing with the Golden State Warriors DURING the playoffs last season.

We also talk about the Nuggets and Rockies, and what they would do when building a team. This relates to a conversation we were having about a speculated Troy Tulowitzki trade. Interesting contrasts are drawn between the various sports leagues and how they "build" teams.

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