It's that time again folks, what you have all been waiting for. The Colorado Sports Guys Podcast!!

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This week's episode of the CSG podcast is unique in a sense that it features very little Nuggets talk. While the NBA/Nuggets schedule was released on Tuesday, there was great analysis done by our colleague Andrew Feinstein and you can find that article right here. In this episode of CSG it's all about the Rockies and the Broncos (and some discussion of Johnny Football).

First we start off with Ross Martin's headlines. We spend much of that discussing Johnny Manziel's travails with signing autographs and profiting from them. Interesting situation to discuss as all three of us agreed that the NCAA is the devil.

Then we move on to the Broncos and their training camp injuries. This is leads to an "interesting" discussion about uniforms that … well … you have to hear to believe. Lets just say that sometimes you say things that shouldn't sound dirty, but just end up being that way. Not intentional but high comedy.

Then we wrap up the podcast by talking about baseball nerds and their reactions to inflammatory columns written by a certain someone who shall remain nameless.

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