Sorry for the late post of the podcast folks. Been an extremely hectic week on Stiffs, a big thanks to all those who showed up for JaVale McGee's website launch party at Jakes Food and Spirits on Friday Night. Was a big success.

On Wednesdays podcast we are slowly working in some Nuggets talk as we approach the open of Training Camp on October 1st. This week we work in some talk about Chris Andersen and his weird Canadian catfish saga. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that it’s good to see Birdman’s name cleared. There was some media “types” in Denver who accused Birdman of alot of very very bad things before the info came out, glad to see they have egg on their faces.

We also talk about my article on being an NBA fan. Ross Martin once again objects to my tone in the article. Once we finally bring it back around to the point I was making in said missive, Ross seemed to understand. Although Ross is correct when he says I took a shot at NFL-only fans. It's just what I do.

We also talk heavily about the Broncos, and their game against the Giants last Sunday. We also look forward to the Monday Night tilt against the Raiders as well as talk about Ryan Clady's foot injury.

Wrapping things up with a top five list of most hated Quarterback's (I get made fun of for my list) and, strangely, Ross and I leave off a very obvious QB from our lists. We get to my segment after that and we devote it entirely to Breaking Bad. If you haven't seen the episode that aired last Sunday I suggest you stop listening right there.

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There is a slight 20 second mistake at the beginning of the podcast where there's some music playing as there is an ad-read going on. It's very brief though so just bear with us.

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