Get ready for the most unusual Colorado Sports Guys episode yet, as a circumstances combine so that Nate Timmons and myself were unable to attend this week's taping (Nate is in Vegas at Summer League, I had my birthday) so Ross Martin was left to improvise. What to do?

This week, CSG features none other than our "intern" Renee, who filled in admirably in for Nate and I … and even though Ross and Renee appear to be closer than Nate and I had anticipated prior to hearing this podcast, the forthcoming HR meeting is sure to be HI-LARIOUS! Otherwise Renee stepped up her game and did a quite admirable job in filling in.

Nate calls from Las Vegas and talks about the dregs of Summer League in Vegas and his brief flirtation renouncing his Nuggets fandom and becoming a Mavericks blogger (not serious). Ross also does his best to duplicate “Things Jeff believes to be True” with Sussudio by Phil Collins, talking about how all the good ones are sports fans. I highly recommend you listen if not just for that.

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