A little bit of everything in this episode of the Pickaxe with Zach, Kayla and Mike. They discuss the recent pre-draft workouts and who caught their eye, they debate whether or not its time for a jersey re-design and go rapid fire “will he or won’t he be here next season. In the second half of the show they cover the upcoming NBA finals and then wrap up with the ever polarizing Michael Jordan vs LeBron James debate

Nuggets Workouts

  • Anybody catch your eye on the list of players who worked out for the Nuggets?
  • How much do you pay attention to pre-draft workouts

Nuggets odds and ends

  • Are the Nuggets due for a jersey re-design?
  • Do you think they'll have a DLeague team next season? Any opinion on where it should be?

Rapid Fire Round: will he or won't he be on the team next season

  • Mason Plumlee
  • Danilo Gallinari
  • Jameer Nelson
  • Kenneth Faried
  • Wilson Chandler




NBA Finals

  • How much of the conference finals did you watch?
  • Excited about Cavs/Warriors 3 or over it?
  • Who ya got?

LeBron passes MJ for all time playoff scoring

  • How big of an achievement is it?
  • Where do you rank LeBron all time?

Will LeBron ever be considered clearly the GOAT like MJ?