Back in the CSG Studios! While last week's podcast with Chris Dempsey is still blowing up, we paired down our discussions this week to two major subjects.

First off we start with Ross Martin's headlines. We talk about the farce that is the Kansas City Chiefs, then we move on to the Washington Redskins and Mike Shannahan's return to the Mile High City on Sunday. Then we go over the rather unpleasant subject of Peyton Manning's disastrous return to Indianapolis last week. We talk about John Fox and his aversion to challenging things and how that affects his team. Then we discuss various players on the Broncos and conclude that we probably shouldn't worry as much as we do.

Then we turn to Nuggets talk, and, as one would expect it is dominated by Nate Timmons and myself. We talk about the big time question marks about the team heading into the regular season. Talk about the positional battles and whether or not the Nuggets change of offense will translate to greater success this season.

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