After a month-long hiatus CSG Podcast is back!

Nate Timmons, Ross Martin and myself come to you from Jake's Sports & Spirits on 3800 Walnut St. in the beautiful RINO District of Denver, Colorado. First time all three of us had been together in the studio in a long time. This time we got some great stuff lined up.

First off a very special guest as "Mike Klis" (cough, cough) our "Broncos insider" (cough cough cough) joins us to talk about his Omnipresence. It's a must listen. What does he think of his ability to dictate the color of the sunsets? He will let us know.

Also Ross arrives and we discuss the NBA Lottery and the mental make up of players. Denver Nuggets and NBA talk starts at 7:45 of the podcast. What do you look for in someone you can draft? What is their mental-make up and how do you determine someone that is going to have that psychotic will to win and drive like a Michael Jordan has? Do the Nuggets have that person on the roster?

It's great being back. Enjoy the podcast!

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