Not much to say about this week’s cold podcast. IT’S COLD!! Dear lord when did Colorado become Antarctica? Man wasn’t meant to exist in -14 degree weather!

We start off the podcast talking about Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s untimely death on Sunday. Which lead to a discussion of his movies. Which lead to a discussion of other movies. Which lead to a discussion of sitcoms. So yeah.

We manage to sneak in some Nuggets talk and Randy Foye’s game winning shot against the Clippers. Then we talk about the Olympics which start on Friday.

Oh yeah…then we talk about that debacle on Sunday that we tried to avoid talking about but succumbed. They sucked. I rant about Peyton Manning running off to play golf with Bill Belichick rather than speak to the people of Denver. The guys don’t agree that it’s a big deal.


As always, enjoy the show!

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