Dave DuFour is the host of That Guy podcast. He also wrote a very interesting and insightful article on the Denver Nuggets for bballbreakdown.com a few weeks ago that you should definitely check out if you haven’t seen it already. He’s a big Nikola Jokic fan and a fan of what the Nuggets are building here in Denver. To that end, he had me on his show to talk about some of his favorite Nuggets players and the direction of the team.

We also got into some really big picture basketball theory talk regarding the direction of the league and the value of different “big guy” skills in the NBA. It was a really fun discussion and a unique podcast because it wasn’t just going over some of the same who’s and what’s of the Nuggets. This one really got into some fun topics.


1:00 – Ty Lawson’s trouble

5:00 – Kenneth Faried’s skill set and playing center on the Nuggets

14:00 – Is Jokic being wasted in Balkan Buddy Ball?

17:30 – Are the Nuggets half-in, half-out on a rebuild?

26:00 – The back court rotation

30:00 – Mudiay’s development as a player and leader

40:00 – One lock prediction, and one wild prediction

43:30 – Joel Embiid and the rise of the new age big man