Well Nuggets fans, it’s been nearly a week since the Nuggets disappointing loss to the Golden State Warriors in the first round of the NBA playoffs. You’re hurt. You want to know what went wrong and what you can do about it. Maybe you want to lash out at a player? Maybe George Karl?

Well, we at the Colorado Sports Guys are your one stop shop for all your post-playoff depression needs.

To start Nate “ankle socks” Timmons, Ross “Hipster Glasses” Martin and Jeff “no nickname yet” Morton discuss old Todd Helton and his two “Eskimo cups” of wine. Wondering what Peyton Manning would do if he was there with Helton at the time. Then, Ross discusses Kenneth Faried and his two moms in this week’s headlines.

Jeff rants about the benefits of a theoretical massive anti-trust suit against the NBA from the people attempting to purchase the Kings from Seattle (Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer). Jeff (poorly) argues that maybe a business culture change will happen in the NBA and maybe owners will stop extorting gigantic subsidies from cities when they wish a new arena to be built. Keep in mind Jeff is not a lawyer and he’s really just throwing out ideas here. So take this with a grain of salt.

Finally Nate talks about disappointment with the Nuggets and the potential for loss of fans because of another first round flame out. He asks how much responsibility George Karl bears and what the Nuggets can do going forward. Also Nate talks about the three things he will do now that the Nuggets are in their off season.

Update: It was just announced this morning that George Karl has won Coach of the Year honors in the NBA. Congratulations to George Karl! Also, listen to Colorado Sports Guys, particularly the last 45 minutes as Ross Martin vigorously defends Karl to his detractors.

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