Sandy Clough joins the Colorado Sports Guys for a lively discussion about Von Miller, golden thongs and what in the hell is going to happen with your Denver Nuggets. The guys relocated for the evening to the palatial Colorado Limited apparel outlet and were gawked at by hipsters through the windows and door. Much like the Today Show but much cooler.

Sandy joins in on the discussion as Ross Martin goes through the headlines. We also discuss my article (on the CSG website) about the Von Miller situation and why the media should be embarrassed about wildly speculating on Miller potentially using all manner of drugs (which turned out to be not true). Also we discuss Jason Giambi becoming the oldest player ever to hit a walk off home run.

In my segment we discuss Texas A&M Heisman winning sophomore quarterback Johnny Manziel and the messed up nature of NCAA athletics. How poor athletes are exploited by the NCAA and are kept "poor" by restricting income and holding them to a subjective standard.

We conclude with an epic game of “Before and After” (which was a big hit during the Les Shapiro podcast a couple weeks ago) and wrap up with a discussion about the Denver Nuggets, Nate Robinson and the Nuggets 10,000 power forwards.

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