In this week’s episode of The Pickaxe Podcast, I am joined by’s Matt Moore (@hpbasketball). In addition to writing for, Matt is the founder of the Hardwood Paroxysm Network and one of the OG’s in NBA blogging. We talked about a wide range of topics regarding the Denver Nuggets including where they go from here, Jokic’s future, and Wilson Chandler’s value to the team. We also talk about the state of the NBA, superteams, and the Olympics.

It's the longest episode of the podcast to date AND one that covers so many interesting details about the Nuggets obstacles ahead. It's always great talking hoops with Matt and if you aren't reading his stuff, you're missing out on a lot of great insights and analysis. I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please remember to subscribe on itunes.

4:40 – Lebron James‘ legacy going forward

9:30 – How promising is the Nuggets future?

18:00 – How will the Nuggets use Jokic next year?

32:30 – When will the Nuggets consolidate assets?

40:40 – Worst case scenario for the 2016-17 Nuggets

54:00 – The state of the NBA, the race to build the best facilities, culture, etc.

1:00 – Superteams

1:07 – Are we excited for Olympic basketball?

1:12 – Lightning round includes Matt's pick for Nuggets wins next year, whether or not the Nuggets make a trade, ROY, MVP, and whether or not there will be a lockout next summer.

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