And we are back! Refreshed and ready to go!

Again, Nate Timmons and myself are at Jakes Food and Spirits on 3800 Walnut St in beautiful Denver, Colorado. We are back to go over a myriad of Nuggets-related items as well as a story about a Broncos player getting in trouble.

We talk about T.J Ward and his run in at PT's Strip Club. Throwing a glass at a bar tender is never a good thing TJ, and quite frankly you should be ashamed. That was about it for Broncos items. It's the offseason, and we will leave it to others to beat football mercilessly into the ground when nothing is going on.

We talk about the Nuggets and Josh Kroenke apparently walking-back the bold talk to start the summer. There is talk of patience and waiting for the injured players to come back healthy. This may not be music to the ears of many, but this is the mantra coming out of Pepsi Center at the moment. Nate and I discuss whether this is, in actuality, a good plan. We also talk about moving up in the draft, and who it would take for this to happen. That would be Ty Lawson.

As always, enjoy the show!

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