Playoff seeding will be settled in the next two days. Right now there is still a great possibility that multiple teams will be switching seeding spots. My head hurts from trying to figure this stuff out.

Current Standings with all teams having one game remaining:

1.) L.A. Lakers 64-17 (vs. Jazz tonight)

2.) Denver 54-27 (at Portland, Wed. April 15th)*

3.) Houston 53-28 (at Dallas, Wed. April 15th)#

4.) Portland 53-28 (vs. Denver, Wed. April 15th)^

5.) San Antonio 53-28 (vs. New Orleans, Wed. April 15th)**

6.) New Orleans 49-32 (at San Antonio, Wed. April 15th)##

7.) Dallas 49-32 (vs. Rockets, Wed. April 15th)^^

8.) Utah 48-33 (at Lakers, tonight)>


* The Nuggets can claim the 2nd Seed with a win in Portland or a Houston loss at Dallas. The Nuggets can finish no lower than the 3rd Seed.

# Houston can claim the 2nd Seed with a win and a Nuggets loss. Houston can claim the 3rd Seed with a win and a Nuggets win as they hold tiebreakers over Portland (2-1) and San Antonio (better win % vs. Playoff teams).

^ Portland needs a win vs. Denver to hang on to the 4 Seed or a San Antonio loss. The Blazers hold the tiebreaker with the Spurs (3-1).

** San Antonio needs a win and a Houston loss to claim the 3rd Seed or a win and a Portland loss to claim the 4 Seed. If they remain tied with Portland, the Spurs will be the 5th Seed.

## New Orleans needs a win to claim the 6th Seed or a Dallas loss and a Utah loss. New Orleans holds the tiebreaker over the Mavs with a 3-1 advantage in head-to-head games. Utah holds the tiebreaker over New Orleans going 3-0 in head-to-head games.

^^ Dallas needs a win and a New Orleans loss to claim the 6th Seed. They need a win to ensure at least the 7th Seed.

> Utah can claim the 6th Seed with a win and losses by both Dallas and New Orleans. Utah can claim the 7th Seed with a win and a either a Dallas or New Orleans loss.