I was not one of the players who went out on the floor and sucked it up, how come I feel so embarrassed?

The Denver Nuggets had a chance to prove to the entire league that they were a team to be taken seriously. What they proved was that they are not physically or mentally ready to handle the Los Angeles Lakers.

I was baffled by the Nuggets inability to simply compete. They stepped on the floor and completely forgot everything they needed to know in order to play basketball at the NBA level. The sad thing is if the Nuggets play the way they are capable of they could have at least made that game interesting. Instead they have opened us up to a new round of enver Nuggets jokes.

I have no idea why the Nuggets pee down their leg at the sight of the Lakers. Is it simply the pressure of playing in front of Warren Beatty (someone at Altitude must have loved Dick Tracy because they kept showing him over and over)? All I know is I witnessed a completely different Nuggets team in LA than I had in any other game this season. I can assure you after last night I am no longer looking forward to the Nuggets playing teams like New Orleans or Utah because I will never know when the Nuggets are going to lay another egg.

I guess the reason why I am embarrassed is I have been telling everyone how things have changed. The Nuggets have reformed from their former sinful ways. As I said before the game, I still think this team can be the best Nugget team in the last 20 years, but they are going to have to prove to me that the Lakers game was the fluke and not the Boston game and it starts tomorrow night against the Chicago Bulls.