This week on the Pickaxe Pundits show Zach, Ashley and Dan wrap up the Denver Nuggets 7 game road trip and discuss how disappointing it was for them to go 3-4. Next will get back on the optimism train and break down potential playoff matchups with either the Golden State Warriors or the Houston Rockets. Finally after the break we discuss if the Nuggets do miss the playoffs, what type of changes to the roster could they do and what type of trade would it take for them to give up one of their core pieces.

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Wrapping up the road trip

  • How disappointing is it?
  • What positives can you take from it?
  • Did it kill the playoff chances?


  • Reasons the Nuggets could beat the Rockets
  • Reasons the Nuggets could beat the Warriors
  • Would they have any chance at all at pulling off an upset



  • What type of player or trade would you be willing to do and involve either Jamal Murray, Gary Harris or Nikola Jokic
  • With the Nuggets so locked into their salary cap, can we really expect the roster to be any different next year?