This week’s Pickaxe Pundits show (every Saturday at 4PM MST on Nothin But Net Radio) welcomed in the newest Stiff Brendan Vogt! He and Zach Mikash broke down the season of Gary Harris and Jamal Murray, discussing each’s season in terms of failure and success but also looking towards the future and what each individually needs to work on to help get the Denver Nuggets to the next level. For the second half of the show the guys talk NBA playoffs. How far can LeBron James take the Cleveland Cavaliers on his own and do the New Orleans Pelicans have any shot against the Golden State Warriors?


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Dash Radio

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Evaluations – Jamal Murray

  • Murray’s season overall – success/failure/par for the course?
  • Will he become a 20+ per game scorer with this team?
  • Where does he need to improve to take his game and the Nuggets to the next level?

Gary Harris

  • Harris’ season overall – success/failure/par for the course?
  • Each year he gets better, what’s his ceiling?
  • Is he injury prone?


Checking in on the playoffs

  • Can LeBron will the Cavs to a finals appearance?
  • What percentage chance do you give the Pelicans to win the series against the warriors
  • Celtics/Bucks game 7, who ya got?