This week’s Pickaxe Pundits show (airs every Saturday at 4PM on Nothing but Net Radio) goes full offseason mode! First, Zach and Dan talk about Denver Nuggets rookie Michael Porter Jr. inviting random strangers off the internet to his apartment and then taking them to task on NBA 2K. Then for the next part of the show the guys make some predictions for next season. They talk about who will be the most improved player and how far the Nuggets can go in the playoffs. They also predict what one member of the organization might not be with the team after next season. Finally, the guys take a break from talking hoops and instead talk about…writing about hoops! We break down what its like as a blogger to be somewhere between a fan and a journalist, how that can skew the way we approach things and how sometimes things aren’t always what they seem.

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  • MPJ inviting strangers off the internet to his apartment for high stakes 2K
  • What team would you use and how would you beat MPJ in a 2K game?
  • Who on the Nuggets would give MPJ a run for his money in 2K?

Way too early predictions

  • Who will be the Nuggets most improved player?
  • How far will the Nuggets make it into the playoffs?
  • Name one member of the organization who won’t be with the Nuggets after the season is over?

Blogging about your favorite team

  • How hard is it to not be biased reporting on the team you grew up loving?
  • Why does it seem like some outlets are less critical than others?
  • Should a fans voice and opinion carry as much weight as a blogger or reporter’s?