The Pickaxe Pundits show goes with a quartet as Zach, Ashley, Dan and Gordon dive into the Emmanuel Mudiay trade. First, the group breaks down Mudiay’s career with Denver and why it didn’t work out and then next talk about whether or not the New York Knicks is the right situation for him. Then they talk about Devin Harris and what he’ll bring to the Nuggets team and whether or not he is the right guy for this team. They’ll also talk about what the chances are that the Nuggets re-sign Harris in the offseason.

For the second half of the show, the team talks about the moves the Nuggets didn’t make at the deadline and whether or not the front office did enough to improve the am. Finally, they’ll briefly discuss the loss to the Houston Rockets and give their opinion on whether the Rockets or the Golden State Warriors would be a worse team to face in the playoffs.

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Emmanuel Mudiay traded

  • Time to move on or gave up too soon
  • Why didn’t it work in Denver?
  • Is NY a good place for him?

Devin Harris

  • Do you like the addition?
  • Can/should the Nuggets try to re-sign him this offseason?


Wrapping up the deadline

  • Did Denver do enough?
  • What happens with Torrey Craig
  • Would you have paid a 1st rounder to move salary

Recapping Houston

  • Is there any team the Nuggets would like to see less than Rockets in the playoffs?