If you missed this weekend’s Pickaxe Pundits show on Nothin But Net Radio (airs every Saturday at 4pm) First of all, what are you doing? You can listen to Nothin But Net anywhere you go! Just download the Dash Radio app for your phone or other smart device and tune it to the Nothin But Net Channel for team specific shows and great NBA analysis sandwiched between some great music. Secondly though, you can catch the replay of the Pickaxe Pundits here. This week we reacted to the Golden State Warriors winning another title and Kevin Durant winning another Finals MVP. For the rest of the show though we shift our focus onto the Denver Nuggets and the upcoming 2018 NBA Draft. We talk through what the Nuggets need, who our favorite prospects are that fit those needs and what draft day trades would make us the happiest

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Warriors champions again

  • How long will this dynasty last? Was KD deserving of MVP?
  • Is LeBron done with Cleveland?

NBA Draft Part 1

  • What are Denver’s needs?


NBA Draft Part 2

  • Top 3 players you’d like to see them draft that you think there’s a shot they could get
  • Favorite fake draft day trade?