This weekends Pickaxe Pundits Show (airs every Saturday at 4 P.M. Mountain time on Nothin But Net Radio, part of the Dash Radio network) finishes up the Denver Nuggets player evaluations from last season with brief breakdowns of Devin Harris (and the trade that brought him to Denver), Tyler Lydon, Juancho Hernangomez, Malik Beasley and Kenneth Faried. For the second half of the show Zach and Dan dive into the finals and whether or not the Cleveland Cavaliers chances were ruined with J.R. Smith’s gaffe in game 1 against the Golden State Warriors.

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Devin Harris

  • Was the trade a win/loss/wash?
  • Should the Nuggets try to bring him back next season?

Kenneth Faried

  • Is a change of scenery all he needs?
  • Would you give up the 14th pick to get off his contract?


Juancho Hernangomez/Malik Beasley

  • Which one is more disappointing that they didn’t make it into the regular rotation?
  • Which one is likelier to have a long term future with the team and the NBA?

Checking in on the playoffs/NBA

  • How does Cleveland overcome such a terrible game 1 loss?
  • NBA Finals trivia