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5 game winning streak

  • Which player has been the catalyst?
  • Which win was the most impressive?
  • How impressive is it that they’ve been able to maintain winning through the injuries?
  • Is it a bit of fool’s gold given that four of the five opponents have losing records or were the wins all that matters?
  • Where does Nikola Jokic rank in the MVP race?

Upcoming week

  • Do you anticipate any struggles with Harris and Millsap re-entering the starting lineup? What’s been the key to weathering the injuries and re-integrating Harris and Millsap on the fly?
  • How much is fatigue a concern on 5 games in seven nights?
  • What does Denver have to do to beat the Rockets? Are James Harden and Clint Capela too much of a mismatch?
  • Which will be the tougher home game, Clippers or Blazers?