The Denver Nuggets are rolling! After a huge blowout win over the Los Angeles Lakers coach Malone threw down a quote for the ages and then the Nuggets went out and beat the Portland Trail Blazers and Toronto Raptors. We’ll talk about those two big wins last week and what coach’s quote means to the fanbase before diving into the huge victory over the Raptors last night. To close out the show we look forward to the final three games of this road trip and ask is anything but going undefeated acceptable?

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Handing the Lakers and Blazers Ls to take on the way out

  • Which win was sweeter?
  • Thoughts on Malone’s take that L quote
  • Millsap won player of the week, is this the Millsap we can expect night in night out?

Raptors Game

  • How concerning is the Gary Harris injury?
  • How huge of a win is it?

Closing out the road trip

  • Which of Orlando, Charlotte and Atlanta worries you the most?
  • Do they have to go 3-0 to not be disappointed?