Zach Mikash and Ryan Blackburn are talking about the Denver Nuggets buzzer beater win against the Miami Heat and how Paul Millsap was the difference throughout. Then they discuss the strong play from Jamal Murray and Emmanuel Mudiay and whether or not they are the long term answer or if the Nuggets should still be pursuing Eric Bledsoe. Finally, they preview the big matchup with the Golden State Warriors.

Quick Reactions to Nuggets/Heat

  • Thoughts on the game

Mudiay and Murray’s improved play

  • How much confidence do you have in the two point guards right now?
  • Does their play as of late make you think the Nuggets don’t need to trade for Bledsoe?
  • Long term, can these guys be the answer at point guard?


Previewing the Warriors

  • The Nuggets were somewhat infamously compared to the Warriors as the “next title contender in waiting”, do you see parallells between the way the warriors built theirr team and the way the Nuggets are doing it?
  • Including preseason, Nuggets are 3-2 against the Warriors in their past five games against one another, is there any truth to the Nuggets being a team that the Warriors struggle against?
  • What do the Nuggets have to do to win?

Denver Nuggets homestand

  • Predictions on how it will turn out