This week on the Pickaxe Pundits show Zach Mikash, Gordon Gross and Brendan Vogt breakdown the seasons of the Denver Nuggets to biggest bench pieces, Will Barton and Mason Plumlee. The guys talk about each players season on the whole before looking towards the future with the team. For Barton the talk is all about will he be back next season and for Plumlee it centers around whether or not it’s impossible for him to ever live up to his contract. For the second half of the show they break down the Dwayne Casey firing before getting in a quick preview of the NBA Conference Finals.

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Evaluations – Will Barton

  • Barton’s season overall – success/failure/par for the course?
  • How much do you think having to play 3 different positions affected Barton?
  • Will he be back next season?

Mason Plumlee

  • Was his season success/failure/par for the course?
  • knowing now that he played pretty much the entire season injured, does it change your view on his season?
  • Will he ever be able to live up to the contract?


Checking in on the playoffs

  • Do you agree with Dwayne Casey’s firing?
  • Preview Boston/Cleveland
  • Preview Houston/Golden State