On this weeks Pickaxe Pundits show its all about the Denver Nuggets current season long road trip. The group breaks down the disappointing losses to the Memphis Grizzlies and the Miami Heat, then talks about what encouraging signs they saw in the victories over the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards. Next they talk specifically about the Paul Mllsap/Nikola Jokic pairing and whether or not signing Millsap was a mistake. After the break they’ll dive back into the playoff hunt, this time discussing what making or missing the playoffs would mean to the Denver fans and also what changes could happen to the roster, specifically the core, if Denver misses out. Finally, despite the protests of Mr. Olson, Zach tests him and Kayla’s knowledge on the group’s alma mater, Colorado State University.

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Progress Update on the road trip

  • How crushing of a blow we’re the Miami/Memphis losses?
  • How much did the Nuggets need to not only beat the Bulls but blow them out?
  • are you encouraged by the Nuggets winning an “ugly game” against the Wizards?
  • How many of the final three games of the trip do they need to win?


  • Would you say the Millsap/Jokic pairing has not worked well?
  • Do you think Denver overpaid for Millsap?
  • Can you really evaluate Millsap on the Nuggets right now given he’s missed so many games?


Make/Miss the playoffs

  • What would it mean to the fans, to the atmosphere at the Pepsi center of the Nuggets make the playoffs? If they miss them?
  • What does it say about this core if they miss playoffs? Should there be major changes made to the roster?

Rammie trivia!!