The guys are back this week to talk about the Denver Nuggets beating the New York Knicks and how maybe just trying to beat everyone 130-118 might be the short term solution. Next they talk about Tyler Lydon’s injury and how it impacts his future with the Nuggets and with his career in general. after the break the NBA trade deadline is the major topic and whether or not the Nuggets will be active. Finally, the guys get into a brief preview of the Mavercisk before reacting to the DeMarcus Cousins injury which happened mid-recording.

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Win against the Knicks

  • Plumkic…worked?
  • Why do the Nuggets struggle to stop scrubs like Michael Beasley and Trey Burke.
  • Should the Nuggets just scrap the whole defensive identity and go back to trying to win games 130-118?

Tyler Lydon injury

  • What does it mean long term for Lydon with the Nuggets?
  • Does it change your view of the draft night trade?
  • Is it really that big of a deal?


Trade deadline

  • Do you expect the Nuggets to make a move?
  • Whats one deal you’d like to see them make?
  • Outside of the Nuggets, what’s the biggest name you expect to get moved?

Previewing the Mavericks

  • Would  loss kill the Nuggets momentum?

Demarcus Cousins injury

  • How does this affect the Nuggets?