Zach and Gordon break down the Denver Nuggets three game losing streak and what went wrong. They’ll talk moral victories when it comes to the Golden State Warriors and whether the loss to the Sacramento Kings or the Atlanta Hawks was worse. Next they talk about the Nuggets bounce back game against the Memphis Grizzlies and whether or not it was really Denver’s D (and not Memphis’ atrocious O) that won the game. The guys also discuss the struggles of Nikola Jokic and whether or not he can be a more aggressive player. Finally, they do a quick preview of tonight’s opponent the San Antonio Spurs.

Three game losing streak

  • Is the loss against the Hawks or the Kings worse?
  • Is the loss against golden state a moral victory?
  • What’s been the main catalyst of the losing streak?

Memphis Grizzlies game

  • Gasol: A tale of two halves
  • How much does not having Conley hurt
  • Did Denver’s D hold Memphis to 78 points or was it just the Grizzlies poor play?


Nikola Jokic

  • How does he overcome his hesitancy to be aggressive on offense?

Previewing the Spurs

  • LaMarcus Aldridge’s resurgence
  • Other than Aldridge, with Leonard out who should the Nuggets be most concerned with
  • Predictions