After a week off, the Pickaxe Pundits show is back! Zach, Jeremy and Evan are talking about the Denver Nuggets victory against the Los Angeles Lakers and how we finally saw a good game from the pairing of Nikola Jokic and Paul Millsap. The guys break down the win and then dive into the Jokic/Millsap pairing specifically to talk about how it can work, how the defense still might not be very good and how there is still enough time to get everybody firing on all cylinders. For the second half of the show the guys once again turn their focus to the playoffs and expectations. They debate whether or not just making the playoffs is good enough or if the fans should expect more. Finally, it’s trivia time as Zach puts Jeremy and Evan to the test on their Denver Nuggets playoff history knowledge. Safe to say they might need to bone up a bit before next show!

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Recap Lakers game

  • How big is this win?
  • Despite Millsap’s individual efforts, the D has not picked up
  • Does Denver closing the game out down the stretch make you more confident?


  • Can they co-exist?
  • Is it worth giving up a little on offense for Millsap’s defense?
  • Will they get it figured out in time?


Looking towards the playoffs

  • Can Denver still win the division?
  • Would you be happy with them just making it in?
  • Gut feeling on whether they get in or not?

Playoff trivia!