This week’s Pickaxe Pundits show continues our player preview series. Up next is the back end of the Denver Nuggets every rotation so the show covers Mason Plumlee, Trey Lyles and Torrey Craig. For Plumlee we discuss if there is ever going to be a way to make him effective playing next to Nikola Jokic and what are the odds Mase could actually end up getting traded this season. ON Trey Lyles we talk about what he has to to to be more than just a stretch four and whether or not that’ll be enough to earn him an extension. Finally, for Craig its all about what he has to do in the upcoming season to make himself more of an everyday player.

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Mason Plumlee

  • What does a good season from Mason look like?
  • if he can be a consistent rim protector do the Nuggets have to find a way to play him next to Jokic?
  • what are the odds of him being traded?

Trey Lyles

  • How many minutes should he get?
  • Can he become more than a stretch 4 off the bench?
  • What does he have to do to earn an extension?

Torrey Craig

  • Should he be the backup SF out of the gate?
  • what does he have to add to his game to have a long term future with Denver?