Zach and Gordon are back for the second week in a row! This time they are checking in on where the Nuggets are at on the road trip (pre-Indiana Pacers game) and then get off onto a tangent about Will Barton. For the second half of the show the guys discuss what’s still left to come on the road trip. Finally, they break into two of the biggest gripes among Nuggets fans: whether the Nuggets should have included Jamal Murray in a Kyrie Irving package and why did they pass of Donovan Mitchell and O.G. Anunoby in the NBA Draft.

Nuggets road trip

  • Loss to Dallas – Nuggets can’t contain anyone
  • Loss to pelicans – Faried vs. boogie?
  • Magic


Remaining road trip

  • Which game looks the toughest?
  • Which game looks the easiest
  • Do the Nuggets win another game?

Nuggets fan gripes

  • Should they have traded Jamal Murray for Kyrie Irving
  • The Donovan Mitchell/OG Anunoby miss