We throw time to the wind with this mondo pod! Zach, Ashley and Dan start off with a discussion about the all NBA teams, whether Nikola Jokic got snubbed and how much power is too much power for the media. Then we cover the imminent departure of Denver Nuggets assistant coach Chris Finch. Finally, we bring in Gordon and Ryan to discuss our year end Stiffy Awards.

All NBA Teams

  • did Jokic deserve a 3rd team spot?
  • What do you think of Russell Westbrook not being an unanimous pick?
  • Should players earning potential be tied to something the media votes on?

Chris Finch departure

  • How big of a blow to Denver is this?
  • Are you alarmed that the Nuggets seem to lose a lot of coaches after just one season


Stiffy Awards w/ Gordon and Ryan

  • who was your MVP/ least valuable?
  • Who was your best/worst coach?
  • Who was your best/worst executive?

Stiffy Awards w/ Dan and Ashley

  • Who was your most improved/least improved
  • Who was your rookie of the year/worst rookie
  • Who was your DPOY/worst defender