We’re back for another week of the Pickaxe Podcast. This Week Evan Fiala and Ryan Blackburn join Zach Mikash to discuss what went down at the deadline, what we wish the Denver Nuggets would have done in the trade market and the pair of games that Denver played this week.

2:20 – The infamous Ryan Blackburn and Evan Fiala

5:00 – Going over the DeMarcus Cousins trade

10:30 – The Nerlens Noel trade and we go off the rails to talk about the Mavericks roster compesition

15:00 – Evan refuses to give hot takes on Roy Hibbert

19:50 – Surprised Gallo’s still on the roster

23:20 – Speculating about what “monster” offers the Nuggets made for Paul George

28: 40 – Pathway to the finals for the Los Angeles Lakers but not the Nuggets?

31:25 – Did the Nuggets make a mistake by standing pat?

35:50 – Break

38:20 – Nuggets lay an egg against the Sacramento Kings

40:50 – Are Skal and WCS legit?

44:20 – Evan refuses to give hot takes on the Kings

45:45 – Why can’t coach Michael Malone get over the hump with the Kings?

48:00 – The Nets are so bad

49:40 – Ryan is not Evan and he’s got Nets hot takes.

52:00 – How underrated is Gary Harris?

55:10 – Diving in to Emmanuel Mudiay’s benching

1:01:30 – Nikola Jokic’s struggles

1:05:10 – Picking a game the Nuggets could rest Jokic

1:08:50 – How to contain Marc Gasol

1:11:30 – Zach begrudgingly remembers Chandler Parsons

1:14:00 – Do the Nuggets make or break their season in the upcoming homestand?

1:17:00 – Evan finally gives a hot take on the Nuggets playoff chances

1:21:00 – Wrapping up