Zach, Dan and Ashley got together to talk about the latest in Nuggets news and they were filled with optimism seeing as how the podcast was recorded hours before the Denver Nuggets disappointing loss to the New Orleans Pelicans. Alas, such is the podcast life. Nonetheless a lot of good topics were covered including recapping the week’s worth of games, holding off the Portland Trail Blazers for the eight seed, who would make for a better playoff opponent the San Antonio Spurs or the Golden State Warriors, and would the Nuggets even have a chance against either of those two teams. The full rundown of the show is below.

Pickaxe Podcast Reboot – Episode 5

Nugget loss to Houston

  • What the heck happened on defense against Harden?
  • Thoughts on the final out of bounds play
  • Was the loss a moral victory?

Nuggets big win against Cleveland

  • How impressed were you by the victory?
  • Nikola 1 on 1 against Lebron, defining moment?
  • Wilson Chandler’s impressive return

Nuggets beat Pacers

  • Does Jokic literally have eyes in the back of his head?
  • Gallinari’s return
  • How big is it to have everyone healthy? Who gets bumped out of the rotation?


Trail Blazers

  • How worried are you about the Portland Trail Blazers
  • Is the March 28th game in Portland a must win?
  • How much are you looking forward to the Nurkic vs Jokic battle?


  • Who would you prefer Spurs or Warriors?
  • What would have to happen for a 1994 like upset?
  • How likely are the Nuggets to improve on their playoff seeding next season?