Zach, Mike and Ashley host this week’s edition of the Pickaxe Podcast. They get into the big Paul Millsap signing by the Denver Nuggets and the big Danilo Gallinari departure. They look ahead to what still might be left out there in free agency and talk about what moves they’d like to see Denver still make. Finally they wrap up the show recapping the first summer league game and talking about who on the roster might have a chance to snag a roster spot.

Paul Millsap OMG!!!!!

  • Overall thoughts on signing Millsap
  • How did Denver get such a steal of a contract
  • What does this say about Denver as a free agent destination

Danilo Gallinari moving on

  • Overall thoughts about losing Gallo
  • Did the Nuggets blow their chances to get a good return for Gallo?
  • Is this Clippers team a playoff team?


Offseason not done

  • What other moves would you like to see Denver do?
  • If Denver does nothing else this offseason, how would you grade it (draft and free agency combined)?
  • As it stands right now, where does denver end up in the standings next season?

Summah league

  • Who are you excited to watch?
  • Thoughts on tonight’s game?
  • There’s always one undrafted player who gets a camp invite out of his performance at summer league, who do you think has the best shot this year?