A slow news week won’t stop the Pickaxe! The guys break down everything league expansion with a discussion on how many teams would be added, where they would play and how the conferences would re-align. They also talk about who the Nuggets would protect in an expansion draft. Next we’re talking Denver Nuggets rivalries. Finally for the second half of the show we dissect the game of Jamal Murray and what he needs to do to improve in his sophomore season.


  • What cities should be at the top of the list?
  • How would you re-structure the league
  • Who would the Nuggets protect if you can only protect 8 players?


  • Do the Nuggets have a true rival?
  • Over all the years you've watched who was the biggest rival for the Nuggets you remember?
  • What has to happen for the Blazers to become a true rival?


Jamal Murray

  • Is he the point guard of the future?
  • What area does he need to improve the most?
  • If he ends up making the leap to all-star, how does that change the Nuggets future?

What's in the box?

  • what's your guess as to what's in the box?

Funniest thing that could be in the box