For the first time in what seems like forever, there was a full week of news for the Denver Nuggets. We ease into the pod by talking Josh Childress before breaking down Mason Plumlee’s new contract, the Nuggets new “statement” jerseys and what’s in store this year for Wilson Chandler.

Josh Childress

  • Just a camp body?
  • What would he have to show to make the team?
  • Is there anyone on the roster you would prefer Childress over?

Mason Plumlee

  • Thoughts on the new deal
  • How does this make the draft look in retrospect?
  • Does this contract make him un-tradeable?


Statement Jerseys

  • Are you a fan of them or no?
  • Are you disappointed that the changes to the jerseys appear to be minor?
  • What are you hoping for in the last jersey?

Player breakdown? Wilson Chandler

  • What does wilson have to do as the clear starter
  • How big would it be if he could become the Nuggets lockdown defender
  • Is he on the team after this season?

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