This week’s Pickaxe Podcast focuses on the recent rumor that the Denver Nuggets might be on Kyle Lowry’s radar as a potential free agent destination. We also discuss the upcoming draft lottery and whether or not we think the Nuggets should try to make a move to jump up in the draft if they end up with the #`13 pick as expected. Finally we wrap up talking about the 2nd round of the playoff and James Harden’s epic collapse in game six against the San Antonio Spurs

Kyle Lowry rumors

  • would you take a chance on Lowry?
  • What would be the right contract?
  • Would it mean giving up on Mudiay?

Draft Lottery

  • If they did win, who would you want them to take
  • If they stay at 13 what do you want them to do?


NBA Playoffs

  • James Harden collapse
  • Wizards Celtics game 7/John Wall

Do any of these teams have a chance to beat the cavs/warriors