Denver Nuggets back to back road wins

  • How big were the wins against Miami and New Orleans on the road
  • Back to back solid performances from Emmanuel Mudiay
  • Are these wins the team gets earlier in the year

Nuggets loss to Houston

  • James Harden is just the worst
  • Over Under triple doubles for Jokic the rest of the season
  • What is it about Houston that has made them own the Nuggets this season?

Nuggets beat New Orleans

  • What a performance by Jamal Murray
  • Nuggets let Davis get his but get the win
  • Cant say enough about Gary Harris


The young core

  • Is Jamal Murray going to be a star?
  • Can Jokic/Murray/Harris be a big three?
  • What’s Emmanuel Mudiay’s long term future with this team?

Talking playoffs again.;p0p

  • The season looks like its going down to the end
  • What chance do you give the Nuggets?
  • Even if they don’t make it how valuable is this experience right now?

Looking ahead at the playoffs in general

  • What first round series, outside of one involving the Nuggets, would you be most excited about?
  • Right now who are you taking for the championship