Zach, Mike and Jeremy react to Gary Harris’ big extension and whether or not the Denver Nuggets will be a luxury tax team. Next they talk about the preseason and how Coach Malone will try to keep Kenneth Faried and Trey Lyles happy even if they’re not getting minutes. Finally, it’s time for some regular season predictions. Also, apologies on the audio, trying out a new mic and the sound was turned up way too much.

Gary Harris Extension

  • $74 Million guaranteed, too much, just right, steal of a deal?
  • Is Gary going to be an all-star player someday?
  • How worried are you that the Nuggets are going to run into problems with the cap/luxury tax

Mike inserts hugely unneeded TC session

Wrapping up the preseason

  • If Malone does in fact go with a 9 man rotation, how can he possibly keep Faried and Lyles happy?
  • Who were you most impressed with in the preseason?


Regular season predictions

  • What kind of wins/playoff position do you see the Nuggets getting to
  • Which player do you expect to have a breakout year a la Harris/Jokic in the past?
  • If the Nuggets get off to a slow start, what kind of changes do you think they’ll make?