Pickaxe Podcast Reboot – Episode 9

Looking back on the season

  • Most impressive performance?
  • Favorite play of the season?
  • Who had the most surprising season?

Missing the playoffs

  • do you regret the Nuggets going with the vets down the stretch?
  • How much would making the playoffs have helped the young players?
  • Do you think there's enough excitement to bring back the fans now?

Nuggets off-season

  • Which veteran players are the least likely to be back
  • The sad tradition of Nuggets fans being excited for the lottery
  • Would you rather Denver stay put at 13 or should they try to trade up or down in the draft? Should they trade out entirely?


NBA Playoffs

  • Which team are you rooting for?
  • Can the Bulls or Raptors pull off the upset?
  • Which teams in the west could fall out of the playoffs next year?

Season Awards

  • MVP
  • MIP
  • 6Man
  • DPOY
  • COY