With the Denver Nuggets season over and recapped we decided to stary a bit from the typical format to get into a discussion about the ESPN layoffs and how the landscape of sports media and journalism is changing. Don’t worry though, we managed to fcit in plenty of basketball talk as well.

ESPN Layoffs

  • Is it the beginning of the end for ESPN
  • What does it take to succeed in this media market
  • journalism jobs becoming less and less viable

NBA 1st round

  • Utah LAC predictions/discussion
  • Most disappointing/surprising team of the first round
  • Second round match up you're most looking forward to


Jamal Murray injury/surgery

  • Are you more or less optimistic knowing Jamal's rookie performance wasn't at 100%
  • If he misses summer league is it a big deal

Tim Connelly interview on Altitude

  • Said they would have traded players, who do you think that was?
  • Talked about defining roles, what should those be?

Gallo top priority