The Pickaxe Podcast is back this time with Zach Mikash, Gordon Gross and Ryan Blackburn breaking down the week that was the Denver Nuggets. Zach and Gordon break into the uptick in defense and talk about how Mason Plumlee has had a positive effect on the team. Then finally Ryan is located and steps in to talk about how Nikola Jokic gets no respect from the refs. From there the discussion goes into a myriad of topics. First they discuss Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler and Will Barton and what their long term future is with the team. Next they talk about how the Nuggets have played well over the past 11 games but it may not be enough to get them into the playoffs with the Portland Trail Blazers looming. The guys also share their predictions on what might happen.

The second half of the episode dives into the two games against the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers and how the Nuggets were able to get the victories. Finally the guys talk about the season as a whole and whether or not it can be determined a success even if the team doesn't make it into the playoffs. They also discuss how Jokic is becoming a superstar as well as who have been some of the most impressive players around him.