The slow days of the Pickaxe are over! The NBA season has arrived and Zach, Gordon and Ryan are diving into what happened at media day, the stories coming out of Denver Nuggets training camp and finally previewing tonight’s matchup with the Golden State Warriors! First the guys get into some notable comments at media day from Kenneth Faried, Coach Michael Malone and President of Basketball operations Tim Connelly. Next they talk about the Emmanuel Mudiay resurgence that has been all the talk of training camp and finally they close by breaking down the game against the Warriors and what we should be paying attention.

Media day wrap up

  • Faried wants to be a starter
  • Malone wants a 9 man rotation
  • Playoffs the goal or not the goal?

Training Camp

  • Is Mudiay for real?
  • Lyles getting run with the second unit
  • Millsap adjusting to new offense



  • How much will you read into the first games rotation
  • How big is Jameer being out for Mudiay and Murray?
  • Does winning or losing matter at all?