The regular season is here and the Denver Nuggets have signed Richard Jefferson while releasing Jameer Nelson. Zach, Dan and Evan break down the signing and how releasing Nelson affects the Nuggets in the short term. Next, they get into the opening night loss to the Utah Jazz and specifically what happened in the 4th quarter. Finally, we’ll preview tonight’s match up with the Sacramento Kings.

Richard Jefferson signing

  • Thoughts on the signing, is this just a locker room hire
  • How much will releasing Jameer Nelson affect the Nuggets?
  • How much more do you think the roster will change this season?


Nuggets vs Jazz

  • How did they let the 4th quarter get away from them
  • Is Will Barton going to get 30 minutes plus a game all season?
  • Other thoughts on the rotation

Nuggets vs Kings

  • How important is it for Denver to bounce back
  • How much are you looking forward to the Fox/Murray matchup

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