So long to Jake’s Sports and Spirits

Nugget loss to Pelicans/Blazers

  • Pelicans loss started bad streak
  • How crushing was the loss to the Blazers
  • What did you think of Jusuf Nurkic’s play, comments and now injury?

Nuggets loss to Charlotte

  • Bench was a no show
  • What happened in the start of that fourth quarter?
  • Emmanuel Mudiay no minutes despite Jameer getting hurt


Looking ahead to the offseason

  • What should the Nuggets do with Gallo, what do you think they will do?
  • Most likely player to be on the team next season: Chandler, Faried, Barton
  • Free agent the Nuggets should target?
  • Anyone in the draft you have your eye on?
  • Do you think that coach Malone is on the hot seat?

Feelings on the season overall

  • Was the loss in Charlotte the nail in the coffin
  • Is the season a success?
  • Other than Nikola Jokic, who has had the most successful year?