This week’s Pickaxe Podcast is all about switching to navy. Kayla Osby, Mike Olson and Zach Mikash talk about the Denver Nuggets new jersey’s and what the hope for the two uniforms yet to be revealed. Then they get into the NBA national television schedules for opening week, the SBNation mock expansion draft and finally wrap up the show with a segment on the newest Nuggets Tyler Lydon and Monte Morris.

New jerseys – 06:30

  • Are you for or against the switch to navy?
  • Are they too similar to the pacers?
  • What do you like about the new jerseys? What could improve?
  • What are you hoping for in the concept jerseys?

National TV schedule – 14:45

  • Nuggets not part of Opening week or Christmas day, do you care?
  • What will it take to make the Nuggets a regular on national TV?
  • Which Christmas game are you looking forward to the most?


Expansion Teams – 32:45

  • Other than Seattle where would it make the most sense to have an expansion team?
  • Are you in favor of it or do you think it dilutes the league
  • Which Nuggets would you protect

Rookies in NY – 52:30

  • What are your expectations for Tyler Lydon?
  • What are your expectations for Monte Morris?

Predictions on who will win rookie of the year?