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The Denver Nuggets stay alive once again 

  • Nikola Jokic is unstoppable and has proven it once again. The Clippers simply are over matched at the five.
  • Jamal Murray is getting back on track and providing the Nuggets a viable second option which is what they need.
  • Michael Porter Jr. comments weren’t that big of a deal and the way he responded was great.

What will it take to win Game 7 over the Los Angeles Clippers

  • Keep feeding Jokic. The Nuggets cannot win without another big game from the Joker
  • Need a secondary scorer in 20 points whether that’s Murray, MPJ or someone else like Jerami Grant or Paul Millsap
  • Stop Paul George. It should be easier than stopping Kawhi Leonard and the Nuggets can’t expect to win too many games when each of those guys is scoring 25+.